1-2 Seven Arches Road forms part of a complex of buildings within Brentwood Town Hall site. The site comprises a two-storey building formerly occupied as Council Registry office, now vacant and surplus to requirement. The redevelopment of the site for residential use marks the first phase for regeneration of their landholdings within the Borough.

Site and Surrounding Context

The site lies immediately to the south of Brentwood Town Hall and is located within walking distance of town centre amenities and transport connections. The removal of the vacant Registrars building has been supported by officers at Brentwood Borough Council. The redevelopment of the site for residential led development will provide tangible benefits, notably improvements in the built environment and the provision of high-quality housing to meet local demand.


North elevation of existing building on site showing adjoining car park and renovated council building


View towards site from across public open space. showing existing building

View from the adjoining council car park showing the southwest elevation of the existing building.


Example of local context. Brentwood school Ingrave road.

Renovated council building with dormer windows, dark red brick colour, prominent chimneys.


View across public open space to adjoining residential buildings Site on the far right.


Design Vision

The site represents an opportunity to deliver a high-quality landmark building, demarcating a transition between commercial buildings to the north and lower density residential context to the south. A key design principle informing the current proposals has been centred upon the delivery of a villa style building set within high quality landscaping and public realm. The material design of the building draws cues from the local context with integration of gables of varying scale to achieve an interesting urban form, reflective of other buildings in the surroundings, particularly Brentwood School to the north and its playful gables that have inspired this design. The siting, massing and design of the proposed building has been developed through an extensive consultation process with officers at Brentwood Council and the Essex Quality Review Panel who complimented the ‘playful’ and ‘exciting’ material design for the building.

Scheme Proposals

The proposed building comprises delivery of new high-quality homes of varying size and type to meet local demand, along with associated amenities and parking facilities . This is a prime exampe of an opportunity to develop a highly constrained brownfield site within a a sustainable urban location for new homes. The scheme delivers 11 apartments comprising a mix of one and two bed units to meet local demand and are designed to comply with Nationally Described Space Standards. All apartments are designed with balconies that are big enough to accommodate a table and chairs so that they have access to private useable external space.


In light of the climate emergency, a key principle driving the design of the scheme has been sustainability. A key priority has been the integration of natural / passive design features which improve the thermal performance of the building. In addition, to passive features the development will incorporate provision of photovoltaic panels on the roof surface contributing to the energy requirements for the building. A comprehensive landscaping scheme will be developed which seeks to enhance the biodiversity and ecological value of soft landscaping and public realm within the development site.

Solar energy

Wind energy

Electric vehicle charging

Cycling encouraged


Air source heat pump

Rainwater harvesting